Abner is an 11 year old Basset Hound.  He has lived in the city for about the past 9 years, residing in Asylum Hill.  Abner is the man about town and can be seen all over.  Some of his favorite hang outs are Bushnell Park, the Riverfront, the Cigar Store and of course Naturally Dogs and Cats. While one might think that he might be running for Mayor the way that he gets around town he is not.  He likes being the prince of Hartford, Bushnell Park and all the pet friendly places. Abner is the VP of quality control and is the official greater at Flower Boutique. He accompanies Rebecca (his Momma) to work every day. There he greats customers and ensures that the flowers that are going out are of the highest quality. After work He is rewarded with a long walk down town where he runs into friends to either play with or to have them pet him and give him treats. Afterwards depending on the day we may end the day with drinks at a local pet friendly outdoor restaurant. After that full day he falls asleep the minute he gets home. flower boutique     abner riverfront       10390150_943263592435596_4837810088860358859_n