Chloe is a three year old French bulldog whose birthday is easy to remember, 10/11/12. She has been living in downtown Hartford since April of this year and has enjoyed making new friends, both human and furry. Since moving to Hartford from Boston, Chloé has taken advantage of everything downtown living has to offer, especially Bushnell Park where she met her new BFF, Baloo, and others such as Achilles, Nala, and Tully. She is also a big fan of stopping by Naturally Dogs and Cats to say hello to Bob and crew.

Chloe is a retired show dog, who gave up the glamorous life at the tender age of one in order to allow her to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a lap dog. Chloe’s typical day consists of sleep…LOTS OF SLEEP!

When left home alone she enjoys watching shows such as Family Guy, American Dad, and Friends. But her favorite show is The Big Bang Theory because she really relates with Penny being surrounded by geeks. Chloe is mostly grain free and has refined palette (some would say she’s a picky eater like her dad). She prefers duck, sweet potato, venison, haddock, cod, and all types of cheese (especially smoked gouda).